My DDPYoga transformation!

Wednesday, 10 September 2014

(not quite a) Vlog 10/09/14 - In which our hero can't talk...but he *can* type!

Howdy folks!

So it's been far too long since I blogged, and whilst I can't talk right now (we'll get to why in a second) it occurred to me that I can type, so y'all can't get rid of me that easy :)

So why can't I talk? I has the flu :( :( :( So if this whole deal comes off as a teeny bit less bouncy than usual, bare with me, I'm coping :)

It's the first flu I've had since I started doing DDPYoga, so I'm not gonna complain, but man o man has it laid me low. The timing sorta sucked as not only do I have a 5 week old baby I couldn't go near for a couple days, but it was also the first time his Nan and Gramps (my parents, rather than Suse') had visited. I also haven't been working out and, quite frankly have been sorta eating whatever food has been put in front of me. Not blaming anyone other than myself, but I probably gained some weight. But that brings me to my topic :)

So....I've made some awesome awesome progress in teaching DDPYoga in the last 2-3 months (and apologies to my students for cancelling classes this week!) . But I've also been kinda treading water personally with the weight loss and fitness progress. To quote my accountability partner 'too many good excuses', and that's damned right. I've had plenty of very good reasons to slack off a little, but the thing about a good reason is it's a stone's throw away from a bad one, and I'm not going to play that little game. Not anymore.

So what's the upshot of all this, how do I turn the negatives into positives, to turn that frown upside down? Easy stuff, it's target time!

So here we go! First thing tomorrow, I'm going to do my measurements AND my weigh in....side note, for the first time in like, a year and 9 months, I have NO idea why my weight is, I mean I ate nothing for 48 hours then started eating the comfort food...that can't possibly be good....I'll guess 235, then I'll cringe less later.

The fact is, I don't CARE what the scales say tomorrow, the target is this.....

By my second DDPYoga anniversary (6th Jan next year) I will weigh 200lbs or less!

And actually, this is no on else's business, but the hell with it, whilst I'm setting targets....

I'll be out of credit card debt by then too (so close to this, just need to shove myself over the cliff)

How am I going to accomplish this? Well, first off, I'm going to jump RIGHT back into my DDPYoga schedule as soon as I can, and the training wheels are off! Here's what my week will look like:

Sunday: SU/RHC (or BTB/RHC)
Monday:Level 1 workout
Wednesday:'Free day' either a day off or mix-tape
Thursday: Level 1 workout
Friday: DC
Saturday: Level 1 workout

Now that looks tough on the surface, but fact of the matter is, I've done that before with no difficulty.

Second, and this is a HUGE one too...

I'm going plant-based!

So before I got sick, I was almost doing this anyway...I was having 2 pieces of protein, both of which I can easily replace with plant-based protein. I've spoken to virtually no one who's done it that has regretted it, including my Accountabilabuddy September who is going to help me adjust. That's starting tomorrow too!

Now to be 100% clear, I'm not swearing off meat forever and ever.....I'm not ready to do that right now, and frankly I don't want to. And making a food plan based around something you don't want to do is step one in not keeping the food plan going. Meat will, however become a treat. Now say it three times fast.

Wow...for those of you that only got used to me rambling on camera, this has probably been a long read huh? My next blog will be back on cam, I promise. I'll also say that for the record, I'd love not to have as long between them, but for the last few weeks Lathander has come first, as you'd expect. I love doing these blogs, but they're usually the bottom of my to do list and the first thing to get bumped :)

On that note, that's me for now. Peace folks! I'm out!

PS: My parents mentioned to me that they intended to give DDPYoga another try as of next week, to lose some weight and improve their general health and fitness. I wish them all the best in doing it, and look forward to seeing the results come Christmas :)